Event & Conference Management

Crave &Gobble

was started by


Carl Van Der Merwe

The concept was:

Dreamed up in 1990 at the start of his career in hospitality. Being trained in Customer Service Delivery, In-Flight Catering and Cuisine, On-board Chef and First Class Galley Specialist. Traveling the globe for 17 years, what better way to share his experiences with others.

Conceived in 2010 and the idea was to offer a platform for catering specialists and decor designers to showcase their talents. Working together effectively joining different elements to create a unique product that will offer all the services to the customer under a single authority therefore eliminating the need for third parties. It is more cost effective and saves a considerable amount of time thus improving customer service delivery.

Born in 2012 after years of building alliances and negotiating with various industries. Having done work for Big Corporate Entities - local and international, Marketing and Media Giants as well as Famous Brands and Government he acquired the knowledge and confidence until he was satisfied that all systems were in place. It was then that Crave & Gobble was ready to take its first independent steps.  

As the team leader Carl has selected the best of the best ensuring that the customers get the best at all times!

Our experienced team endeavor to accommodate all your needs and to exceed all your expectations every time!

Our mission is to create a worry-free environment for our customers and a stress-free planning & coordinating service. 

Carl has done events for:

  • Action Aid                                             
  • Actual Events                                      
  • Allan Gray Orbis                                  
  • Arts in Africa                                        
  • Astute                                                  
  • Collyer Lessick                                    
  • Continental Outdoor Media                 
  • Create Events                                     
  • FNB                                                     
  • Hannover Life Re                                
  • IRBA                                                    
  • JAG                                                     
  • Jacana Media                                      
  • Just Society                                         
  • Kimberly-Clark                                     
  • Learning Link                                       
  • Liberty                                                  
  • Londocor Event Management              
  • Lore Marketing                                     
  • Momentum                                           
  • National Geographic                            
  • Nampak                                                
  • ODAC                                                   
  • Ogilvy                                                   
  • Old Mutual                                            
  • Omnia                                                   
  • Panalytical                                            
  • PanMacmillan Publishers                     
  • Pfizer                                                    
  • RockStock                                            
  • RSM Betty&Dickson                             
  • Standard Bank
  • Superior Choices
  • Temogo Consulting
  • TPN
  • Wits Accountancy
  • Wits Alumni
  • Wits Archaeology
  • Wits Business School
  • Wits CCDU
  • Wits Climatology
  • Wits CLTD
  • Wits Education Policy
  • Wits Faculty of Health
  • Wits Enterprise
  • Wits Functions and Events
  • Wits History Department
  • Wits Human and Community Development
  • Wits International Office
  • Wits Library
  • Wits MIAE
  • Wits Paleo-Sciences
  • Wits Partnerships
  • Wits PPO
  • Wits Press
  • Wits Psychiatry
  • Wits Psychology
  • Wits Rock Art Research Institute
  • Wits School of Arts
  • Wits School of Construction
  • Wits School of Education
  • Wits School of Statistics
  • Wits SWOP
  • Wits Transformation
  • Wits Writing Center
  • WPO
  • YPO
  • 27Dinner


                   ~ and the list is still growing ~ 

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